An Unforgettable Masterclass With ANTM’s Jay Manuel

I attended my first and only GTB MasterClass in 2018 and it’s one experience I totally enjoyed. 

The class I attended was taught by America’s Next Top Model’s Jay Manuel; A Producer, Creative Director, TV host, Renown Makeup Artist, Author and  Fashion Icon.

The dapper looking Jay Manuel gave the most compelling and educative lecture ever. I was extremely thrilled by his eloquence and amazing delivery. 

I took some notes which I recently found and I thought to share. 

Please see below some interesting and enlightening quotes he shared. 

  • Trends eradicate personal style so

“Know thyself”.

  • Constantly seeking Validation eradicates your sense of self.
  • Logic will take you from point A to B, but imagination can take you everywhere.
  • Research, Study, Visualise and Prepare.
  • Always give your attention to the task at hand and don’t make the present moment a means to an end.
  • Don’t let your mind act as an attorney for your ego.
  • “Glamour is more than what you put on your body.” Tom Ford
  • Luck is simply preparedness meats opportunity.
  • Everything you can imagine is real; so life unfold at your pace. 
  • Self source your success so you can get to experience ‘You’.

Jay Manuel also shared and explained The 4 agreements by Ruiz which he lives by.

  • Be  impeccable with your words
  • Don’t take everything personal 
  • Don’t make assumptions
  • Always do your best

Finally, when asked what the successful people he had worked with had in common, he said: 

“Their dream for success surpasses their fear of failure”. 

Which of these nuggets resonates with you? 

Kindly Share.

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