The Evolution of Adire – Nigeria’s Tie-Dye Fabric

Our very own “Adire” also known as “tie and dye” has become the most coveted print in recent times. The old aged concept of knotting fabrics in different ways before dipping it into dye to produce unique designs originated from the Yoruba speaking parts of Nigeria. 

This concept was originally done on local cotton fabric(Also known as Teru) but has evolved overtime into different forms. 

It’s always exciting to see our favorite celebrities wearing different Adire outfits as this indigenous print always stands out. 

Most recently, we experienced the silk, chiffon and Ankara Adire craze. Everyone was rocking a piece of the most comfortable version of Adire ever made. Yes the light weight silk and chiffon Adire definitely added to making the fabric go viral. 

Manufacturers have deviated from reliance on the hand made version of adire to mass production of the print on a diverse range of fabrics. Adire can now be seen on wool, velvet, satin and even on denim. 

While the traditional hand made Adire fabric is still one of the most sought after versions, the newer and cheaper forms produced in mass has made the fabric more accessible and has greatly increased the popularity of the print. 

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